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Introduction to TradingView

TradingView is a powerful charting tool made for all types of traders and buyers. It has a lot of tools for market research that let people study the stock market, keep an eye on their favorite stocks, and trade with confidence. TradingView has become one of the most popular platforms since it was first released in 2011. Its easy-to-use layout, real-time data, and many tracking tools have helped it become so popular. TradingView has a lot of tools that can help you analyze the markets and put your trading plans into action, no matter how much experience you have or how new you are to trading. you need TradingView Premium Account Cookies to learn and experience everything.

What is TradingView?

TradingView is a complex financial graphic instrument that provides various instruments for traders and investors to analyze the markets. It integrates the ideas of charting software, trading platforms, and social networking to produce a new experience for the users. TradingView’s main feature is the ability to plot the price change chart of many instruments including stocks, forex, Crypto, and commodities.

TradingView Premium Account cookies

If there is any major advantage to note about TradingView it has to be its social aspect. Traders can supply their analysis, opinions, and trading approaches to others allowing people involved in trading to learn and innovate. It offers a rich set of technical indicators and tools, which increases the chances of recognizing the peculiarities of a price movement.

Furthermore, TradingView is Internet based so there is no necessity to download and install any program to your computer. Due to the good number of features, easy-to-use nature, and free credit service offered to clients, TradingView is a unique website of paramount importance to all serious traders or investors in the financial market.

TradingView Premium Account Benefits

  • Unlimited Chart Layouts: When you upgrade to Premium, users can customize the chart layouts and save as many templates as possible. This makes it possible for you to configure and position your charts in a way that is convenient for your business personality and strategies.
  • Real-Time Data: Membership with high subscription levels offers data from several exchanges in real-time hence the buyer has the latest data while trading. This is true especially for traders who trade per the day, and people who depend on quick information.
  • Advanced Alerts: The Premium plan gives you up to 400 server-side notifications and you will not miss any opportunity to trade. These alerts can be set depending on price movement relative to the price bars, technical indicators, or drawing tools.
  • Extended Trading Hours: Some of the features that carry a premium tag allow the user to view extended trading hours data, especially handy if one is trading in markets that are not conjugal to normal trading sessions.
  • Multiple Device Logins: Premium account allows you to use up to five devices with cookies at once so you do not have to log in repetitively. It is ideal for traders who require the use of the accounts from a different location or a different device.
  • Priority Customer Support: This means that the premium users of TradingVie have the benefit of being attended by TradingView’s support team in case of any problem or question arising the problem or question will be solved as early as possible.
  • Ad-Free Experience: A premium subscription helps to get rid of seeing ads while using the platform; this means that an enhanced user experience is achieved.
  • Custom Time Intervals: One of the options that only premium users have is the possibility to set up one’s own time intervals for the charts, thus acquiring better solutions that would be efficient in particular intervals of time.
  • Export Data: Ever, chart data and analysis can only come with exporting, which can only be achieved if one is a Premium user, hence the convenience of sharing results with interested parties.

In conclusion, TradingView Premium has every tool that a serious trader may need to take his or her analysis and trading to the next level.

How to Use TradingView Premium Account Cookies from

  1. Install a Cookie Editor Extension
    • For Chrome: Go to the Chrome Web Store, search for “cookies editor,” and add the extension to your browser.
    • For Firefox: Go to the Firefox Add-ons site, search for “Cookie-Editor,” and add the extension to your browser.
  2. Obtain TradingView premium Cookies
    • Find the TradingView premium account cookies below.
  3. Copy the Cookie Data
    • Once you have the cookies, copy the entire cookie data string provided.
  4. Open TradingView and Import Cookies
    • Go to the TradingView Premium website (TradingView Premium) and log out of any accounts.
    • Open the cookie editor extension you installed.
    • Click on the import option in the cookie editor and paste the copied cookie data.
    • Save the imported cookies.
  5. Refresh the Page
    • Refresh the TradingView page. If the cookies were valid and correctly imported, you should now have access to TradingView premium content.

Claim TradingView Premium Account Cookies

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TradingView Premium Account Cookies Features

Essentially, it encompasses a full range of features most appropriate to the trading and investing strategies of sophisticated users. Here’s an overview of some of the most notable features available with a TradingView Premium subscription: Here’s an overview of some of the most notable features available with a TradingView Premium subscription:

  • Unlimited Chart Layouts: For the premium users they are allowed to design and store as many chart layouts as they wish to. Such versatility enables you to build and structure your working area following your trading patterns and preferences.
  • Real-Time Data: Real time feed of data from several exchanges is also a bonus for the users who subscribe to its Premium service. It helps to check the actual market condition frequently and it guarantees that one is always working with the actual market data which is important for the actual time trading.
  • Advanced Alerts: While with the Premium plan, you can create up to 400 server-side alerts. These alerts can be set according to the price change, indicators’ values, drawings tools or any other settings so that the trader is for ever informed with new market trends.
  • Extended Trading Hours: The information concerning the operating time of trading sessions can be viewed and analyzed, which is particularly useful for those markets that demonstrate active trading during the extra session. It gives you another picture of how the market fluctuates and on this basis you are able to come up with decisions.
  • Multiple Device Logins: In addition, pre-eminent profiles help you remain signed in on five devices tops. This is ideal for the traders who will require charts and data from different offices or from different devices so that mobile trading becomes easy.
  • Priority Customer Support: Besides, premium users are authorized to get the priority customer support in a cases when they have questions or faced the problem. This can be hugely beneficial when you require immediate answers to operational issues or help with the application.
  • Ad-Free Experience: The features of the Premium subscription are free from ads and provide a refined screen image of the site to the users. It assists you to maintain focus on its analysis as there are no interruptions that come with adverts.
  • Custom Time Intervals: This feature enables you to design your own time intervals for the charts that would be displaying the data. This is a convenient feature as it enables the user to focus on a particular time period in their analysis of the market thus, getting finer results.
  • Enhanced Data Exports: The options available to premium users include exportation of dynamite charts, this way the users can easily share the information they have analyzed with other people. It is useful more especially for the professional trader who needs to present the findings or work in a team.
  • Intraday Renko, Kagi, Line Break, and Point & Figure Charts: Intraday Renko, Kagi, Line Break, Point & Figure charting capabilities give additional options for technical analysis. They can give you more features of the chart and help you to discover some trends and trading opportunities, which were invisible in a simple chart.
  • Indicators on Indicators: Use indicators to other indicators, which will expand the understanding of the market processes occurring in the analyzed area. This option is beneficial because it opens the possibilities for deeper analysis and enables one to create more elaborate strategies in trading.

These are the Premium features that can be used by traders for better market analysis and efficient strategies to compete with other traders.

TradingView Premium vs. Free

Here’s a table comparing the features of TradingView Premium and Free accounts:

FeatureFree AccountPremium Account
Chart Layouts1 LayoutUnlimited Layouts
Real-Time DataDelayed DataReal-Time Data
AlertsUp to 1 AlertUp to 400 Alerts
Extended Trading HoursNoYes
Device Logins1 DeviceUp to 5 Devices
Customer SupportStandardPriority Support
AdsYesNo Ads
Custom Time IntervalsNoYes
Data ExportLimitedEnhanced Data Export
Advanced Chart TypesStandard Charts OnlyIntraday Renko, Kagi, Line Break, P&F
IndicatorsUp to 3 Indicators per ChartUp to 25 Indicators per Chart
Indicators on IndicatorsNoYes
Multiple Watchlists1 WatchlistUnlimited Watchlists
Bar Replay on Intraday BarsNoYes
Saved Chart LayoutsUp to 5 LayoutsUnlimited Layouts
Technical Analysis ToolsBasic ToolsAdvanced Tools
Community ScriptsLimited AccessFull Access

This table highlights the significant advantages of a TradingView Premium account compared to a free account, offering more advanced tools, features, and support for serious traders and investors.


Conclusively, TradingView is all-encompassing and provides services to trade and investors of all categories. Hailed for its easy-to-use features, it comes equipped with high-quality charting packages designed for detailing on the financial markets. Switching to TradingView Premium is a huge improvement from utilizing the TradingView basic version since it incorporates more advanced segments and functions that are not available in the free form.

The features that can be obtained when having the Premium account include unlimited chart layouts, actual data, various kinds of alerts, possibility of the extended trading hours, and the possibility to stay logged in on several devices. These features give the trader the ability and the instruments he requires to execute complex trading operations and come to a correct decision.

Furthermore, the customer support, free of ads, and the ability to have custom time intervals, charts, and additional indicators on indicators add much more to the trading experience. It is finally possible to export the data and also have several watchlists that make it easier to keep track of various instruments as a premium user.

Thus, although employing methods to get access to Premium features when a user is not authorized for this seems rather alluring, one should remember the legal and ethical aspects. This allows supporting the developers and using all the TradingView features and services with the guarantee that it will not become a place for scammers to trade.

In conclusion, the TradingView Premium account is one of the best investments for those engaged in trading and investing in the modern world of financial markets, offering the package of tools and benefits to stay one step ahead.


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